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Teka 70cm 5 Ring Gas Hob

Brand: TEKA
Product Code: EX704GAIAL
  • Gas on glass hob
  • Metal looking frontal knobs
  • Individual cast iron grids
  • Frameless tempered glass
  • Crystal surface with ceramic treatment
  • Teka family look control knobs
  • Auto-ignition integrated in the burner operated by each knob
  • Auto-lock safety device integrated in each burner
  • 5 cooking zones: 2 fast burners (3 kW), 2 semi-fast burners (1.75 kW), 1 auxiliary burner (1 kW)
  • Gas typology: LPG (butane/propane), natural
  • Built-in in kitchen cabinets of 60 cm

Warranty Years 2
Aperture Dimensions 553mm x 473mm
Appliance Dimensions 500mm x 680mm x 83mm
Teka 70cm 5 Ring Gas Hob
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