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Warming Drawer

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Electrolux 14cm Warming Drawer
14cm warming drawer holds 6 place settings 2 YEAR WARRANTY
Electrolux 29cm Warming Drawer
29cm warming drawer holds 12 place settings
EOA5450BAX - Electrolux Multifunction Oven
Eclipse design multifunction oven with catalytic coating Experiment like a professional chef ..
EOB8851AAX - Electrolux Eclipse Design CombiSteam
 EOB8851AAX - Eclipse design CombiSteamTM Deluxe oven with touch control user interface..
EOC5440AAX - Electrolux Pyroclean Oven
Inspiration design with pyrolytic multifunction oven with retractable rotary controls Features Wi..
EOC5651CAX - Electrolux Eclipse Design Pyrolytic Oven
EOC5651CAX - Electrolux Eclipse design pyrolytic multifunction oven with retractable rotary contr..
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